Natasha Tracy has been in various media from the Today Show to Huffington Post and others. Learn about bipolar expert Natasha Tracy in the media here.

Natasha has been in various media as her opinion is regularly sought by reporters. Here is a selected list of Natasha’s media appearances. (See a list of Natasha’s awards here.)

Natasha Tracy on the Need for Better Serious Mental Illness Treatment and Support with Angela Kokott (Radio)

Natasha Tracy talks with Angela Kokott on mental health issues such as the issues surrounding institutionalization of the mentally ill and what the seriously mentally ill need today. Listen here.


Natasha Tracy Interviewed on Carrie Fisher’s Death and Advocacy Work on the NBC Today Show

Natasha Tracy quoted extensively on Carrie Fisher’s death and her advocacy work. “Carrie Fisher coming out and saying she had bipolar disorder was almost like a bright light for people, showing them that they could achieve their goals even with a mental illness like bipolar disorder. . .” To read the interview, click here for the Today Show on NBC .

PsychCentral: PODCAST: Discussion with Award-Winning Bipolar Author and Blogger

Listen as Natasha Tracy, Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss bipolar disorder on the The PsychCentral Show.

Natasha Tracy in Girls Ask Guys in a No-Holds-Barred Interview on Her Life with Bipolar Disorder

“In the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of questions about suicide and mental illness/wellness on GirlsAskGuys. These are important yet tricky topics to address and because of that, we thought we’d turn to a well-known individual in the field . . .” To read the interview, see GirlsAskGuys.


Natasha Tracy Named the “Best Mental Health Blogger You Need to Follow”

According to TalkSpace: “. . . we’re all about mental health and fighting stigma with the power of posts like these. That’s why we wanted to give a shoutout to these awesome bloggers and writers . . . They help us think progressively so we can build a world where everyone takes mental health seriously and does not discriminate against those with mental illness.” To read the list of the other mental health bloggers you need to follow, see TalkSpace.

Stigma Still A Major Hurdle In Getting People The Mental Health Care They Need

PublicHealthWatch quotes: “Natasha Tracy, a mental health writer and recipient of the 2014 Erasing the Stigma Leadership Award by Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, said the hardest stigma to beat is the stigma that “looks back at us in the mirror.” Read more here.


Natasha Tracy on Miss ADD’s Blog Talk Radio Show

On this show, Natasha Tracy discusses her own diagnosis, bipolar treatments and its relationship to ADD/ADHD. Natasha also takes several listener call-in questions that range from specific information on lithium to more general questions of mental health. Listen to the show here.


Mentally Ill Patients Deserve Equality

When patients with mental illness seek treatment for physical ailments, doctors often misdiagnose them due to a lack of follow-up interventions. This contributes to a shocking decrease in life expectancy for mentally ill patients. How can we fix it? Watch the segment here.


Rules of Order — BP Magazine

On the role clutter plays in mental health – “Natasha sticks to this “strict routine” even when she’s depressed, when she can’t find the energy to pick up couch pillows from the floor or put her nail polish away, and during hypomanic phases when ‘art becomes something I see everywhere all the time.’” Read the article here.

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