New Book on Living with Bipolar, Depression — Table of Contents Revealed

Today I’d like to introduce you to some of the table of content in the new book I’m working on. This is a book designed to speak to those with bipolar, those with depression and the loved ones of both groups. It contains a lot of my “greatest hits” from both Bipolar Burble and Breaking Bipolar plus new writing as well. I hope this will be the first in a series I plan to release.

I’m very pleased to say I’m in the editing process for the book which means it’s well on its way to publishing. The ebook version will be out first and then a dead-tree version will likely be available at some point after that. There is no official publication date as of yet, but I’ll let you know when I firm something up.

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Urine Test to Distinguish Between Bipolar and Depression – Does It Really Exist?

Today, on the Bipolar Burble Facebook page, someone posted a link to an article on The Health Magazine (a website) that had the headline: A Urine Test Can Distinguish Between Bipolar Disorder And Depression. The poster bought into this headline and felt that “people should know about this.”

Well, I can tell you that when someone claims to have found a urine test to distinguish between bipolar and depression, you should be very skeptical. Believe me, if this were a real thing, it wouldn’t just show up in some clickbait website, written by someone named “admin.” (Normally, these types of sites even steal the content they do have.)

Let’s look at the facts of the matter. Does a urine test to differentiate between depression and bipolar disorder really exist? Continue reading

Live Successfully with Mental Illness — Top 5 Coping Skills Ebook — FREE

Hi folks, thanks for popping by.

I know I haven’t been producing as much writing as I usually do, but there’s a reason for this — it’s because I’ve been working on a short ebook called: Live Successfully with Mental Illness: Top 5 Coping Skills. As the title suggests, this ebook talks about five, critical skills you need to cope with any kind of many illness (and, in fact, life, in general). This ebook contains my thoughts but also scientific references on facts that are asserted in the text.

Live Successfully with a Mental Illness: Top 5 Coping Skills Ebook

Covered in this ebook are skills like:

  • Developing positive self-talk
  • Identifying and fighting cognitive distortions
  • How to get a good night’s sleep
  • Gaining insight into your mental illness and your thoughts and emotions

Skills are broken down simply and I use examples that are easy to understand. This book is for anyone with a mental illness and their families and friends will likely learn from it, too.

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Mindfulness — Essential Bipolar Survival Skill?

I wrote that Mindfulness Doesn’t Help My Bipolar Disorder. And I think mindfulness, at least how I was taught it, just doesn’t significantly, positive affect a serious, neurological illness. I find it works best in people who experience stress and anxiety. And many do agree with me on this.

That said, John McManamy does not. Here are his thoughts on mindfulness in bipolar disorder.


Mindfulness is essentially the mind watching the mind. The practice has been around forever. It is a staple of Buddhist practice, and is also the basis of modern talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), even if its proponents fail to give it credit.

In all likelihood, if you have had success in managing your bipolar, you are employing mindfulness techniques, though you may be unaware of it. Continue reading