Natasha Tracy is an experienced mental health speaker and is a bipolar and depression expert. Natasha's mental health talks are inspirational and haunting.

Natasha Tracy is an experienced mental health speaker. She has spoken for clients like Mental Health America, the Mood Disorder Association of Canada and the National Council. She speaks on a variety of topics, often catering her presentation for a specific audience. Natasha’s presentations make people think, debate, laugh and cry — often all at once. She consistently received standing ovations.

Why Natasha’s Mental Health Presentations are Unique

Natasha’s presentations are unique because not only has she been studying mental illness, most often bipolar disorder, for more than a decade but she also lives with the disorder every day. She talks about the realities of mental illness and not what is seen on television or in movies. She tells her real story about living with a serious mental illness fearlessly and without a sugar-coating in sight. (Natasha’s currently-available online mental health talks are available here.)

Mental Health Presentation Topics

Natasha has spoken on many topics including:

Natasha Tracy’s talks are typically between 1-2 hours although shorter speeches and longer workshops are also available.

  • Mental health stigma and self-stigma — This is perfect for advocacy groups and groups wishing to increase mental health awareness. Fight the negative stereotypes people believe about those with a mental illness.
  • Mental health in the workplace — Employers lose millions of dollars a year due to mental health concerns like anxiety and depression in the workplace and part of this is due to the workplace environment itself. Learn how to improve employee’s mental health and how to create a health-positive environment where employees are more likely to deal with their mental health concerns.
  • Mental health at school — Natasha has provided mental health presentations to grades five and up, including post-secondary institutions. Material is age- and institution-appropriate. Teaching about mental health in school should be a part of every year’s curriculum. It can and does save lives.
  • Living with mental illness — Presentations in this category focus on Natasha’s personal story with bipolar disorder. She fearlessly tells it like it is regarding the illness, treatment, staying in a psychiatric hospital, a suicide attempt and more. This type of presentation is perfect for the public at large to bring awareness to what living with a mental illness is really like.
  • Specialized topics — Natasha is happy to prepare a specialized talk for your organization or group.

Hear Natasha Tracy Speak

The following is a presentation given at the University of British Columbia on stigma and self-stigma.

The following is a customized keynote given during a Family Conference that includes details about Natasha’s life with bipolar disorder. It received a standing ovation.

Hire Natasha Tracy

You can hire Natasha to speak at your office, community organization, school or event. Contact Natasha for availability and pricing.