The Bipolar Burble blog has policies regarding comments. If you wish to leave a comment on the Bipolar Burble blog, please follow these rules.

The Major Guidelines

Please find the major guidelines for commenting followed by the specific rules.

Guideline #1

Act like a reasonable, respectful adult.

Really, it’s that simple.

Guideline #2

I don’t have to put up with hate. I don’t have to put up with hatred of me or anyone else. In fact, I won’t.

Guideline #3

This is not a democracy. I say what stands. If you don’t like that, please feel free to start your own blog.

Specific Blog Commenting Rules

  1. Comments must be on-topic. If it isn’t related to the article or another relevant subject, I’ll just remove it. This includes personal conversations. If you want a back-and-forth with someone else about how they’re horrible, go somewhere else.
  2. Don’t name call. It’ll get you warned the first time and then it’ll get your comments deleted until you calm down.
  3. Don’t be abusive. Yes, I get it, group A is evil, group B is the devil, whatever. If you’re too nasty and acrimonious I’ll have to delete your comments.
  4. Don’t make other accounts. Believe me, I’ll know. I’m likely to ban you for this.
  5. Don’t scream and yell. This means no typing in caps all over the place. It’s just good manners, people.
  6. Don’t talk about treatment specifics or make specific treatment suggestions. This is too dangerous and will likely get your comments removed.
  7. If you’re a marketer, go away. Enough said.
  8. Please don’t mention other people by full name. It’s not a problem for me but it could be a problem for you if the other person is litigious.
  9. Don’t detail suicide plans. If someone wants to kill him/herself, certainly, he or she will find a way, but I will not be pointing to it.