Natasha Tracy welcomes you to 'Bipolar Burble' blog. This blog is about mental illness issues like living with bipolar and depression and coping strategies.

Hi all. Welcome to Bipolar Burble. I’m Natasha Tracy, and I’ll be your host.

Welcome to ‘Bipolar Burble’

I live with bipolar disorder and I’m a bipolar disorder subject matter expert. I’ve also written a book about depression and bipolar disorder. To learn more about me, click here.

At the Bipolar Burble blog, I write articles about issues of bipolar disorder, depression, mental health, mental health treatments, mental illness research and living with a mental illness, although other random bits slip through the cracks and end up on the blog from time to time.

If you have bipolar disorder or depression, I hope you see yourself in these articles. If you love someone with a mental illness, I hope you find insight here you can use to better understand your loved one. Either way, I hope you feel free to chime in with a comment when you have something to say. All are welcome here.

Important ‘Bipolar Burble’ Blog Notes

Please note:

  • I’m not licensed in any way. That means I’m not a doctor, psychologist or anything else. I write articles about health topics; that is all. Always check anything written here with a live, mental health professional like a psychiatrist. Read my disclaimer here.
  • This site is full of writings that are not appropriate for minors. These writings may contain graphic and disturbing content.
  • Protect yourself if you’re prone to triggers. When I put the term “suicide” in a title, it’s because that’s what I’m writing about. If I put “self-harm” in a title, it’s because that’s what I’m writing about. Trigger warnings are not generally used in these cases. You’re an adult and you need to decide what subject(s) your need to avoid to protect your mental health. (That said, if the title doesn’t clearly state something possibly triggering the article, I may use a trigger warning in that case.)

The ‘Bipolar Burble’ Blog

The Bipolar Burble blog has been through at least three titles and multiple platforms since its inception in 2003. At this time there are more than 630 posts on it. I know, that’s a lot. For your ease, there is a search box in the upper-right, top corner of your screen that you can use to search the posts available here. I’ve covered a whole heck of a lot of topics.

Yes, I do accept guest posts. Please see here.

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