Natasha Tracy has won many awards as had "Bipolar Burble" blog. Best bipolar blog, most influential depression writer, health champion, and more awards here.

Natasha Tracy has been the proud recipient of many awards. She has also been widely featured in the media. A selection of the awards is listed here.

Natasha Tracy Named #8 Top Influencer by Feedspot

Feedspot ranks the top 75 top mental health blogs, websites and influencers and Natasha is pleased to come in at number eight (as of July 8, 2020). The Bipolar Burble and Natasha Tracy fall just in front of the Mental Illness Reddit. See who else made the list here.

Bipolar Burble Blog a Best Bipolar Blog of the Year 2020

“Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer and speaker — and an expert on living with bipolar disorder. She also wrote a book about her life with bipolar disorder. On her blog, Bipolar Burble, she shares evidence-based information about what it’s like to manage bipolar disorder, covering topics like working with bipolar disorder, radical self-care, and how to tell someone you have bipolar disorder.” See the rest of the list on Healthline here.


Natasha Tracy Wins a WEGO Health Award

The WEGO Health Awards program was created to recognize and honor those making a difference in the online health community. It provides the opportunity for community members to thank and support the Patient Leaders and patient-centric initiatives they admire. To see more about the WEGO Health awards including part of Natasha Tracy’s acceptance speech, see here.

Natasha Named a Mental Health Influencer You Need to Follow

“[Natasha] is inspired to offer support and high-quality information to others because of her own journey navigating her diagnosis while still trying to create her best possible life.

“Natasha says there’s a ‘vast need for realness when talking about mental illness,’ and she delivers. Her firsthand accounts of life with bipolar disorder are open, frank and heartfelt — even on difficult topics like self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Her standout post about what she says and how she actually feels when someone asks ‘how are you?’ may help you better understand how some people with the bipolar disorder cope.” See the other nine influencers to follow at The Recovery Village.

‘Bipolar Burble’ Named a Top Bipolar Blog of 2019

“The creators behind these blogs know what it’s like to live and love with bipolar, and they want you to feel empowered and have that community, too.

“Whether you’re looking for resources after a diagnosis, actionable tips for managing on a daily basis, or personal stories, you’ll find a space for yourself in these blogs.” See the list on Healthline.


Natasha Tracy’s ‘Lost Marbles’ a ‘Best Manic Depression Book of All Time’

I’m happy to announce my book, Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar, made it to BookAuthority’s Best Manic Depression Books of All Time. As of March 2020, it is #3 on the list. BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

‘Bipolar Burble’ Named a Top Mental Health Blog of 2018 by Feedspot

Bipolar Burble named a top mental health blog of 2018 “from thousands of top Mental Health blogs in Feedspot’s index using search and social metrics.” See who else made the list here.

Natasha Tracy Named Invisible Awareness Champion

Healthline named Natasha Tracy a champion as part of their Invisible Illness Awareness Campaign. Healthline says: “. . . honorees offer their voice to help educate and empower others.” See the list here.

‘Bipolar Burble’ Named a Top 10 Bipolar Blog by Medical News Today

Medical News Today names Bipolar Burble a top 10 bipolar blog along with the International Bipolar Foundation and others. To see who else made the list, see here.

Natasha Tracy Named #1 Mental Health Blogger by Open Forest was kind enough to name me as the #1 Mental Health Blogger. See what they had to say and who else made the list here.

‘Bipolar Burble’ Named ‘Top Mental Illness Blog’ by

“Former skydiver Natasha Tracy knows about burbles, low-pressure pockets of air that can make you crash. For Tracy, who has bipolar disorder, that unstable place is a metaphor for her state of mind.” Read about the other nine bloggers you’ll love here.

HealthiNation Spotlights Natasha Tracy as Bipolar True Champion

Natasha Tracy Named a Bipolar True Health Champion

HealthiNation, a site dedicated to delivering quality health information via video, did a six-part series on Natasha Tracy’s struggle with bipolar disorder. It includes personal interviews and shots of her public speaking. See the series on HealthiNation.

Bipolar Burble Named Top 10 Health Blog

Healthista, the health channel for women, named Bipolar Burble as one of 10 blogs you have to start reading right now. Of note is that it’s the only mental health-focused blog on the list. “‘Bipolar Burble’ tackles difficult issues that are usually only spoken in medical terms, but Natasha puts a personal edge to each post making the blog equally informative and thought-provoking.” — more at Healthista.

Natasha Tracy Awarded the Beatrice Stern Media Award by Didi Hirsch


This #erasingthestigma Leadership Award was given at an award ceremony in Beverly Hills, CA. “This year Didi Hirsch is honoring those who harness the power of social media to accelerate change and help erase the stigma associated with mental illness . . . Natasha Tracy, who authors the acclaimed blog Bipolar Burble, will receive the Beatrice Stern Media Award for using her personal story to create a community that offers hope and support.” — See my acceptance speech here.

Natasha Tracy Named #4 HealthMaker for Mental Health by

“. . . you know how important finding the right support can be. These Top 10 Social HealthMakers are here to help through their blogs and websites, sharing valuable tips and resources for managing mental illness.”— more at

(The cool thing about this is that I’m the only one on the list without fancy letters after their last name.)

Mental Health Influential Natasha Tracy

Bipolar Burble Named the Number One Bipolar Blog of 2013

“Natasha Tracy is author and host of Bipolar Burble. An award-winning writer and self-described “professional crazy person,” Tracy was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. Alternating between informal rants and reports on mental illness research, The Bipolar Burble keeps readers on their toes.” — more at

Natasha Tracy Named a Mental Health Hero

Natasha Tracy Caricature

“Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer and social media strategist specializing in the area of mental health. Natasha routinely writes on bipolar disorder, depression, psychopharmacology and other mental health issues. Her expertise has been sought by academics and reporters and she is to be featured in an upcoming documentary on bipolar disorder.She three blogs focusing on bipolar disorder and mental illness: the Bipolar BurbleBreaking Bipolar at HealthyPlace and Bipolar Bites at Healthline.” — more from Chato Stewart at PsychCentral.

Bipolar Burble Named a Top Bipolar Blog

“Natasha has turned her blog on Bipolar Type 2 diagnosis into a well-marked path for others walking through life with mental illness. Whether sharing personal or scientific information, Natasha’s writing is candid, engaging, and clear as a cloudless day. The posts on the Bipolar Burble are a balanced mix of Natasha’s journey with bipolar, recent developments in research and treatment, and reliable information about the many facets of mental health.” —more from HealthLine.

Natasha Tracy Finalist for Best in Show — Blog — Health Activist Award

Health Activist Aware Finalist

“You inspire us every day with your commitment to your online health community – and it’s time to celebrate you and your efforts.  What better way to commemorate your milestones than by bringing everyone in the Health Activist community together to share what they love.  We’ve created an interactive Health Activist Awards program to get you and your communities excited to share what has moved you, inspired you, and made a real difference in how you think about healthcare and living well. ” more from Wego Health

Natasha Tracy Rated Second Most Influential Online Depression Writer

Top Depression Blogger - Natasha Tracy

“Natasha Tracy writes the award-winning Breaking Bipolar blog on HealthyPlace, and also hosts the Bipolar Burble blog. Natasha has been diagnosed with ultra-rapid cycling bipolar disorder type 2, and writes primarily about mental health, bipolar disorder, depression and treatment-resistant depression.” —more from