I have put this page up so anyone interested can understand funding of my writings and any conflicts of interest I may have now or in the future. You should know. You’re smart to check; I check sources the same way. (Note: for my commenting policy, please see here.)

Funding for the Bipolar Burble

In the first eight years of this blog no advertising was ever allowed; however, now, some select advertising is being accepted. Advertising may be embedded into content and when this is done the linked keyword is in orange (and not the standard blue). Advertising is only accepted by companies I feel have no conflict of interest with anything on the Burble. For example, there is nothing related to pharmaceuticals.

I apologize for any inconvenience ads may cause, however, I can no longer afford not to be compensated for a site that takes up this much of my time on a weekly basis. I hope you can understand this. If I feel the advertising is harming the content in any way, I will remove it.

Funding for ‘Breaking Bipolar’

Breaking Bipolar is owned by HealthyPlace uses advertising to fund their site. I have nothing to do with their advertising in any way. Their advertisers do not impact anything I write nor do I endorse anything advertised on that site.

HealthyPlace is very open about their advertising policy. I am comfortable with it and wouldn’t write for them if I wasn’t.

Yes, both sites pay me. No, I don’t make a lot of money from them. Neither site has ever asked me to edit one word in regard to a product or service they might be affiliated with.

I also now work for and I have contracts with others here and there. If it’s relevant to the post, I’ll mention it.

Personal Affiliations

I am not a member nor am I affiliated with any psychiatry, psychology or mental health group. There is nothing wrong with these groups, I simply do not interact with them mostly due to lack of time. I am a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

Is the Information On the Bipolar Burble Accurate?

I do my very best to make sure the information is accurate at the time I write it. When I discuss facts I try to ensure there is a link to the original source. Please understand though, I am not a doctor and if you have questions or just think I’m plain wrong you should look at the original source and talk to your doctor.

Personal Editorial Policy

When I write at the Bipolar Burble I write for me, and no one else. I have slagged on doctors, medication, therapy, psychiatry, psychology, special interest groups, religion, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. This is my place for thoughts of the moment. I am not pro or con anything in particular. I simultaneously like and loathe things. I change my mind. I’m like that.

More Questions?

If there’s something else you’d like to know, feel free to contact me. Really, I’m pretty open about this stuff.