Natasha Tracy Award-Winning Mental Health Speaker and Writer

Natasha Tracy, Bsc

Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer, speaker and social media consultant from the Pacific Northwest. She works to bring high-quality, insightful and trusted information on bipolar disorder and related illnesses to the public while engaging with the mental health community.

Natasha is a mental health thought leader and subject matter expert in bipolar disorder. Her thoughts on it have been sought by the media and academics. Her Bipolar Burble has been named a top 10 health blog by Healthista,, Healthline, Medical News Today and others.


Natasha Tracy has been the proud recipient of many awards for her work as a writer, speaker and mental illness advocate. These include:

  • WEGO Health Award, 2019
  • Top Bipolar Blog by Healthline, 2019, 2020
  • Best Manic Depression Books of All Time, #3, BookAuthority, 2019
  • Best Depression Books of All Time, #11, BookAuthority, 2019
  • Natasha Tracy named an Invisible Illness Champion by Healthline, 2018
  • Bipolar Burble named a Top Bipolar Blog by Medical News Today, 2017

For a more complete list of Natasha’s awards, see here. You can also see here for Natasha in the Media.


In 2016, Natasha published her first book, the acclaimed Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar. Buy Lost Marbles on Amazon. Read more about Lost Marbles here.

Natasha is currently working on her second book and hopes to see it published late 2020.


Natasha has spoken at many conferences and corporate events including those for:

  • The National Council
  • Mental Health America
  • The Mood Disorder Association of Canada
  • OC87 Recovery Diaries

For information about Natasha Tracy’s presentations, see here.


In 2015, Natasha coauthored her first formal paper, “Results From an Online Survey of Patient and Caregiver Perspectives on Unmet Needs in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder,” published in the Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders journal.

Natasha has written the award-winning blog Breaking Bipolar at HealthyPlace for 10 years. She has also been featured on the Huffington Post, BPHope, Healthline, PsychCentral, Sharecare and many others.

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