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Welcome to Natasha Tracy’s home online and her award-winning Bipolar Burble blog. In addition to her blog, you’ll find information about Natasha as a mental health speaker, author and consultant as well as her current book, Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar. Click on the menu items above or just scroll to get started.


Natasha Tracy would like to welcome you to Bipolar Burble.

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Natasha’s Bipolar Burble blog has been on top 10 lists for a decade, most recently, appearing on Healthline’s Top 10 Bipolar Blogs for 2020 and Feedspot’s Best Mental Health Blogs for 2020.

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The Latest Bipolar Burble Blog Articles

Is Bipolar Disorder a ‘Real’ Disability?

People don’t argue when you say paraplegia is a disability, but when you say your bipolar disorder is, people often do argue. This is in spite of the fact that, legally, bipolar disorder is a real disability in Canada, the United States and elsewhere. So what is a “real” disability and why don’t people think bipolar is a real disability?

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Masterclasses on Anger, on Tough Conversations and on Treatment-Resistant Depression Announced

New mental health masterclasses announced! Today I want to tell you about three new mental health masterclasses I’m offering: one masterclass on handling anger, aggression and rage in bipolar disorder, one on hard mental health conversations and one on how to treat treatment-resistant depression in bipolar disorder. These masterclasses are being offered over the next three weeks, starting this Wednesday!

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Fatigue and Bipolar Disorder — Symptoms, Treatment

I experience massive fatigue with bipolar disorder. True, there are likely other components to my fatigue, but I know bipolar disorder is a driving factor. The fatigue is so bad that I think it’s one of the worst parts of bipolar disorder or any chronic illness. Fatigue affects my life on a daily basis like no other symptom of bipolar disorder and worse yet, there are pretty much no cognitive tools I can use to cope with it. Read on to learn about bipolar disorder and fatigue, why it’s so hard to best and the treatments for fatigue in bipolar.

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Start Suicide Prevention Conversations and Forget the ‘Rules’

I firmly believe that suicide prevention starts with a conversation. A conversation that can stop suicide can be initiated by the person feeling suicidal or someone around them; regardless, a conversation is the starting point. But it can be very intimidating to talk about suicide. There are all kinds of “rules” when you talk about suicide and political correctness affects the language you are “allowed” to use. I say forget all that. Suicide prevention starts with a conversation that makes sense to you, not the PC police.

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Pain May Not Get Better. Don’t Say, ‘It Gets Better.’

Recently a commenter called me out for saying, “It will get better.” The commenter’s point is that pain doesn’t get better for everyone and saying “It gets better,” is a lie; and, I can see how it could be somewhat dismissive of an individual’s experience. I understand this commenter’s complaint. I understand that just saying, “It gets better,” can sound just as trite as, “Turn that frown upside down.” So let’s talk about when things don’t get better. Let’s talk about the nuance of what to say when pain is not getting better.

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Depression and Judging Based on Productivity

I work very hard to be productive every day in spite of depression. My depression would like me to stay in bed — forever — but I fight back. I get out of bed, I have coffee, I write and so on. And at the end of the day, I look back and see how productive I was. I find this metric very important. It turns out it’s the depression that makes me judge my productivity very harshly.

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Being Judged by Doctors Because of a Mental Illness

I’m in the process of being judged by a doctor and I know the doctor will be judging me for having a mental illness, not to mention my mental illness treatment. This is happening because I just put in an application for a new general practitioner (GP). On the application, I had to write down my medical conditions, medical concerns and all medications being taken. As I looked at it all, I knew it didn’t look good for me. It’s funny that having a serious mental illness makes you appear like a less-than-desirable patient seeing as you’re one of the people who actually need help more. And that’s because of judgment. It’s about a doctor judging you for your mental illness and your treatment. It’s unfair, but it definitely happens.

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Suicide Prevention and Anxiety Webinars Announced

Suicide is likely the most popular topic here on the Bipolar Burble and anxiety is pretty much popular everywhere so both suicide and anxiety needed the webinar treatment. In the case of suicide, the webinar’s focus will be on the nitty-gritty of suicide and suicide prevention and the anxiety webinar will be about all things bipolar and anxiety, including tips on how to fight anxiety. The first offering of each will be in the next couple of weeks.

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