Mental Health Mobile Applications – What Do You Want?

Mental Health Mobile Applications – What Do You Want?

Mental health mobile applications (apps for your phone, generally) can do things like track your mood, track your sleep and are targeted at different populations like people with posttraumatic stress disorder or depression. But there are gaps in the marketplace, things that are not currently being addressed by mental health mobile applications. So my question is for you, if you could have any mental health mobile application, what would it be?

Existing Mental Health Apps

If you’re new to the world of mental health mobile apps, I’ve done reviews on a mood-tracker I like and a sleep-tracker I also use. There’s also this list of useful mental health mobile applications here, too.

What Do You Want in a New Mental Health Mobile Application?

I’m working with Global Medical Education to research what people are looking for in terms of a mental health mobile application. We’ve identified several types of applications (including psychosis early intervention) that we think people might want, but I’m sure you have some great ideas that we haven’t thought of. So, please, do me a favor and take this very short survey on mental health mobile apps and let me know your thoughts. I know sometimes people don’t like surveys but I promise, this one is short and is one wherein we really do care about your opinion.

As a thank you for taking the survey, you’ll be entered to win a Starbucks gift card. Happy lattes to you.

Take the survey here.

Thanks for your help with this. I always think it’s best to get the opinions from as many real life folks as possible before making design decisions and, hopefully, you’ll see your idea fresh off the press sometime soon.

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