Newly-Diagnosed Bipolar – What to Do

What to do if you've just been diagnosed with a mental illnessOne of the things that happens because I write about bipolar disorder so much, is that people ask me a lot of questions about what they should do with their bipolar treatment. I understand this. People feel like they don’t know what to do. And often people just don’t have a good relationship with their doctor/psychiatrist.

No One Can Make Mental Illness Treatment Decisions But You

The thing is, I can’t tell you what to do with your mental illness treatment. I can give you information, I can try to help, I can suggest reliable, mental health resources, but you have to make the treatment decision. It’s a scary thing I know. I still hate it myself.

And the people who have it the toughest are the ones who have just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or another mental illness. So here’s what I suggest you do if you’ve just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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