How Much Does VNS Implant Surgery Cost?

I just got my hospital bill, and it isn’t the $30,000 I was quoted beforehand. Here’s how it really breaks down:

Pre-surgery tests:

Professional fee $135
Laboratory $58
Chemistry $46
Hematology $36
Urology $34
Clinic $643
EKG/ECG $102


Pharmacy $1,103.47
Med-surg supplies $636.00
Supply/Implant $35,828.00
OR Services $3,977.00
Anesthesia $643.00
Drugs/Detail code $40.63
Drugs/Self admin $1.81
Recovery room $681.00

Grand Total $43,820.91

Note that there was not even an overnight stay in the hospital. These numbers do not include turning the device on, or all the follow up care required even to get to a therapeutic dose. Costs also vary widely depending on where you get it done.

This is a far cry from the $30,000 I was quoted and as you can see, the implant itself is a fair chunk beyond that. Why that is, I do not know. There are multiple versions of the implant, and the costs might be slightly different. Also, it seems that insurance companies here pay less than the full cost. It’s infinately frustrating that insurance companies pay less but that some poor person who walks in off the street has to actually pay more. But let’s not get started about that.

Just in case you were wondering, I do have the best insurance ever, and this all cost me absolutely nothing.


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