Explaining Bipolar Moods to Young Children

November 19, 2015 Bipolar blog bipolar disorder

I was walking through the drug store today and I saw a great book for young children struggling with understanding of moods. It’s called The Many Moods of Me Journal by Klutz. Not only does it encourage the journalling of a young person’s mood but it also teaches the child about feelings and moods. I think this is perfect, age-appropriate information for children who need to understand that moods vary and can be extreme in cases of mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. I think this would be a perfect teaching tool for teaching a young child about bipolar disorder and educating them about their own moods too.

Explaining Bipolar Moods and Mood Tracking for Kids

I have recommended many times that adults with bipolar track their moods to look for patterns and triggers and so on but there’s really no reason why this can’t work for kids too. This will help develop a child’s emotional intelligence (EQ) which is just as important as intellectual intelligence in the real world. And if your child is having trouble with his or her own moods (maybe developing pediatric bipolar disorder) then this will help you catch it and maybe turn it around (or get treatment) while the issue is small.

The Many Moods of Me Journal is also full of fun colors and illustrations and comes with a multi-color pen and mood change ring. (Okay, aimed at girls, granted.) Maybe it’s a perfect Christmas gift for someone you love?

(In case you were wondering, I have nothing to do with this book and no one contacted me about endorsing it; I just thought you might find it useful.)


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