Why You Should Stand Up for Mental Health

Why You Should Stand Up for Mental Health

Today marks the launch of HealthPlace’s new campaign that encourages people to Stand Up for Mental Health. You can learn all the details about the Stand Up for Mental Health Campaign here.

What Does it Mean to Stand Up for Mental Health?

So what does it mean to stand up for mental health? Well, basically it means making mental health issues and mental illness visible. It means talking about mental illness. It means talking about people who have mental illness. It means showing your support for others. It means not being ashamed of your mental illness.

How Can You Stand Up for Mental Health?

Like I said, to stand up for mental health you can:

  • Talk about the issues
  • Spread information about mental illness
  • Support others with a mental illness
  • Not being ashamed of your own mental illness or the mental illnesses of those that you love

To do this visually, HealthyPlace has provided you with buttons for your site as well as your social media profile. You can visually indicate your mental illness or you can simply say that you support others.

Admitting You Have a Mental Illness

I will make one note about openly saying you have a mental illness: please don’t do this until you’re ready. You can easily support mental health issues without telling others you have a specific mental illness. Wait until it’s the right time for you to disclose your own mental illness because once it’s online, you can assume that everyone you’ve ever met will know about your mental illness and that might not be something that you want.

Show Your Support for Mental Illness

Mental Illness AwarenessSo go to the Stand Up for Mental Health site and grab whatever buttons or social media images you like and share them. Then email HealthyPlace and tell them that you’re onboard so they can list you amongst all the others who also support these issues.

And thank-you. Making us more visible, either by admitting to your own illness or by talking about your support, is a gift to everyone.

Note: Yes, I work for HealthyPlace. No, they didn’t pay me to write this post. I genuinely like their campaign and want to support it.


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