Why I Don’t Hate Drug Companies & Why You Shouldn’t Either

Why I Don’t Hate Drug Companies & Why You Shouldn’t Either

January 17, 2018 Bipolar blog treatment issues

Many people hate drug companies and I totally get why. I spent years hating drug companies. But I’ve changed. I don’t hate drug companies anymore and I don’t think you should either.

Why Hate Drug Companies?

As I said, I spent years hating drug companies. (I also hated psychiatrists, too, for dispensing the drugs, but that’s for another day.) It’s so easy to hate drug companies. They are these enormous, monolithic entities that put profit ahead of everything else, and certainly ahead of people. And for those of us whose health depends on these unfeeling monoliths, it seems really wrong and unfair that they don’t care about helping people, they only care about money.

Then, of course, there are examples of completely untenable actions where prices of drugs are hiked ridiculously high, such as a 5000 percent increase for a drug that people with AIDS need to live. If there’s something worth hating, it’s the guy who made the call on that. (In my humble opinion, it’s a sociopathic move if ever there was one.) However, I would suggest the hatred of that guy, while understandable, shouldn’t be generalized to the entire drug company.

I Don’t Love Drug Companies, I Just Don’t Hate Them

Someone, at this point, is going to scream, “Natasha Tracy loves drug companies! Natasha Tracy is paid by drug companies! Natasha Tracy is a shill for drug companies!”

Hating drug companies feels very natural, but I've gotten past it. I don't hate drug companies anymore and here's why neither should you.Calm down, okay?

I don’t love drug companies. I view them as necessary.

I don’t get paid by drug companies. If I did, I’d have a much nicer condo.

I’m not a shill for drug companies. I do, however, believe illnesses of the brain should be treated by doctors (and, yes, in many cases this means treatment with drugs).

What it comes down to is that drug companies are necessary. They’re not good and they’re not bad; they are entities we need.

Why Not Hate Drug Companies?

It’s pretty simple, actually. I need drugs to survive. Drugs are, de facto, produced by drug companies. Therefore, I need drug companies to survive. It’s really hard to maintain hatred for companies that while exorbitantly flawed, keep me alive.

And, yes, these companies are the ones doing the research into new drugs. That means my chances of having a better future are tied to these companies, whether I like it or not.

And this is true for so many with mental illness. Drugs save lives, lifestyles, families and so much more every day.

Not Hating Drug Companies Helps You, Really

This is not to suggest drug companies are angelic – they’re not – they’re money-making machines driven by profit. What I am saying is it’s a waste of your time and energy to hate drug companies. Hate is a black hole to carry around with you and does nothing to the drug company but eats a little of you inside.

Now please understand, if I controlled the world, changes would come swiftly and fast to drug companies (limiting their prices as is done around the world, for example) but I don’t control the world. As such, I protect my own wellbeing by not hating drug companies.

And if you do have overflowing acrimony for drug companies, there are money useful ways of expressing it than just, plain “hatred.” Work with groups working to make drugs more affordable. Work with groups working to put more sane regulations on drug companies. Work with groups that you agree with. But don’t bother hating drug companies. It is a waste of time and your soul.

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