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March 17, 2015 award Bipolar blog writing

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Healthista, the health channel for women, has listed me the Bipolar Burble as one of 10 Health Blogs to Start Reading Right Now.

This doesn’t just make me happy because it stroked me ego (although it does), it makes me happy because the lovely folks over at Healthista haven’t forgotten about such an important aspect of health — mental health. And I have to say, so many lists do. I mean, I’m all for healthy eating and running (although I’d rather die) but everyone has a brain and it’s great to see a list that acknowledges that we should take care of it.

Bipolar Burble has been listed as a top 10 health blog. It's a health blog that, according to Healthista, you have to start reading now!

Healthista, quite generously, and, I think, correctly, says that the Bipolar Burble is for anyone — with a mental illness or not to gain better understanding of what people with a mental illness go through. And if that was a message I could get out to the whole Internet, I would.

So I would like to personally thank Healthista for their inclusion. I’m honoured.

(If you’d also like to read a piece I wrote for them a while back, check out, The Moment I Realized I Had Bipolar Disorder.)

More on Natasha Tracy and Bipolar Burble‘s awards and media.

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