God Tests Those He Loves, with Bipolar, Apparently

God Tests Those He Loves, with Bipolar, Apparently

I know people are trying to help when they say to a person with bipolar, “God tests those he loves,” but, here’s the thing, it doesn’t help. It doesn’t help at all. All it makes me think is, “Is there some way I can make this god of yours hate me?”

Why “God Tests Those He Loves” with Bipolar Is So Upsetting

If I really thought some “god” guy did this to me, I’d be endlessly pissed. Like, seriously. I’d get PIs and bloodhounds and hackers and I’d search for this sadist all day. If I thought there was actually someone to blame, it would consume me.

Not only would it really piss me off thinking that someone did this to me, but I would be incredibly hurt. I would wonder what I had done to make some “god” guy single me out and “give me” bipolar disorder. And I guarantee that “love” would not be the conclusion I would come to.

God Tests Those He Loves with Bipolar Is Insulting

Some say bipolar disorder is a test from a loving god. Read about my take on the concept god tests those he loves and bipolar disorder.

Like I said, I know these people are trying to help, but I have no idea why people who have certain belief systems feel it’s helpful to thrust these belief systems on others. No, I don’t believe in your god. No, I never will. And no, I’m not going to hell because of it.

And I’m incredibly insulted that people are trying to tie a bow around the most horrific thing that has ever happened to me. While I know that “looking on the bright side” can be beneficial and while I know that some people consider bipolar disorder a gift, I sure the hell don’t. I consider it a curse. And I’m incredibly insulted that some people are trying to wrap my curse in a bow. There is no “good side” to living a life in hell.

The Test of Bipolar from God

Bipolar is not a test, bipolar is a brain disorder. It’s like epilepsy. While those with epilepsy used to be thought of as being possessed by demons while in a seizure by those with certain belief systems, this is no truer than god bequeathing us bipolar disorder as some sort of test. We have come to understand and treat epilepsy as the brain disorder it is, and bipolar disorder is exactly that. Superstitions did not help people with epilepsy, and, in fact, harmed them, and superstitions don’t help people with bipolar disorder either.

If you believe bipolar disorder is a test from a god and this helps you, you are welcome to this belief. I’m not about telling people what to think. What I would say though, is keep it to yourself and others like you. I’m not about taking away your coping techniques but I am about not thrusting such personal beliefs on others. Leave those of us with different versions of a higher power (or no higher power) alone. We’re happy to do the same for you.

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