Mental Health and Suicide – Information Round-Up

As loyal readers know over the last couple of weeks I have written quite a few pieces both on the Burble and on Breaking Bipolar on suicide after a person I consider a friend attempted suicide. Luckily he is still with us, and I think the writings on the topic will help others who have been through a suicide attempt and the loved ones of those who have attempted suicide.

Something Good From a Suicide Attempt?

I don’t want to say something “good” came out of my friend’s suicide attempt because I think that diminishes his personal experience. But maybe others have been helped. And that is thanks to him. Thanks to his honesty and bravery in speaking about his suicide attempt. I’m honored to know him.

So here are articles for:

  • Those who have attempted suicide
  • Those who love someone who has attempted suicide
  • How to prevent a suicide attempt

What to do After a Suicide Attempt

To Those Who Have Attempted Suicide

I know many people have attempted suicide and they feel ashamed and alone. Often those who have attempted suicide are treated like lepers by those who love them.

Well, not by me.

Please read my words to you:

To the Loved Ones of Those Who Have Attempted Suicide

You’re not in an easy position, and I know it. Please read:

Preventing a Suicide Attempt

And, of course, the best of all results would be to avoid a suicide attempt in the first place. If I could give that gift to everyone, I would. Please read these articles:

Get Help for Suicidal Thoughts Now

If you feel you may hurt yourself (or anyone else) please get help now. You are not alone. We are with you. We have survived. You will find a way through.


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