(Preread: What is EMPowerplus by Truehope?)

I’m not doing well. I haven’t been doing well for a long time. It’s quite simple really, every day I fight the bipolar and at the moment, the bipolar is winning.

And when this happens I know what I have to do. I know I have to find an effective treatment. In my 15 years of being treated for bipolar disorder, I can tell you what pulls me out of a depression: medication. Nothing else ever has. Ever. I’ve done everything (believe me) and nothing works except finding the right bipolar medication. I know people don’t want to believe this, but it’s true.

But unfortunately for me, we’re out of bipolar meds. My doctor is out of ideas. I have no good ideas either. If I wanted a drug, my doctor would give it to me, but there’s simply nothing to want because there’s nothing with any evidence behind it that I haven’t tried. And there’s no combination (or combination of combinations) that I haven’t been on. Really.

And the other night I was in my apartment, suicidal as you please, and I desperately decided to try this EMPowerplus stuff. Because, according to some anecdotal evidence and case studies, it appears to have worked for a few people.

Why Take EMPowerplus by Truehope for Bipolar?

So why am I taking EMPowerplus by Truehope? Not because I believe it will work but simply because I have to try something. This life, as it stands today, is unacceptable and if I change nothing then nothing will ever change. It’s just plain, old, simple logic: I’m trying it because trying something is better than trying nothing at all.

Do You Support Others Trying EMPowerplus by Truehope?

Alternative Treatment for BipolarIt’s very important that you understand that I’m not recommending this “treatment” in any way. For all I know, this is a dangerous formula that could hurt you. I can’t say that it is and I can’t say that it isn’t (Even the Truehope people warn of “dangerous drug interactions,” although I consider that claim dubious, more on that later). So don’t even think about doing it because, “if Natasha tried it, then it must be okay.” Believe me, if I was counselling you right now, I would tell you to try evidence-based practices. What you do is always up to you but I’ll always take (and always recommend) treatments with the best evidence, and this ain’t one of them.

A Bad Experience with EMPowerplus by Truehope

And just in case you think I’m being too dire, consider this letter that was sent to Dr. Jim Phelps (unsolicited):

i am a former i guess you would say empower plus guinea pig.  i turned to it when i was told i was treatment resistant to meds, which i was clearly: they only worsened my symptoms.  After researching true hope and many testimonials about people who had recovered i decided it was my last chance. Slowly they weaned me off what meds i was still on and put me on their program. Each time i called and told them i was still clearly rapid cycling and getting worse they blamed it on something else: it was the seroquel withdrawal, i wasn’t absorbing  it, i needed to add insositol, choline, take lithium orotate, so months went by and money down the toilet, my symptoms worsened i became more suicidal. But since meds clearly hadn’t worked i stuck with them for over a year at two hundred dollars a month. Every time i called to see if i could talk to someone that knew what was going on, i was told it wasn’t possible. When i demanded they let me talk to one of the doctors or people in charge they said they had waiting lists and i didn’t qualify, so basically i was getting advice from a call centre of people who were taking the product apparently with good results but were not in a position to help others. When i was honest about my situation on the message boards they took my account away and said i might scare potential customers.

So eventually i went off true hope [which] caused me to have no hope, and so i wasted a year on a product that gave hope but had no backing.

i am sure you have heard many stories like mine i don’t know if you are still fighting them but thanks for trying.

sick people will do anything when desperate and there will always be people to take your money , but clearly what they are doing is inhumane . . .

And that is exactly what I fear will happen to people who try EMPowerplus, only unlike the person who wrote the letter, I fear that some people won’t live to tell the tale.

So I’m taking it out of desperation, but not because I have any thought of it being a miracle, but just because it’s another treatment to cross off my very long list of attempts. At least I can say I tried.

* Note: someone asked me if anyone is paying me for this. No one is. I’m paying for the supplements personally.