Suicide and Suicide Attempt Resources

How to Support World Suicide Prevention DayOver the last couple of years I have written a lot about suicide. It’s a big topic and one of great importance to the mental illness community and, I believe, society at large. As today is World Suicide Prevention Day I wanted to present a round-up of all the suicide and suicide attempt resources I have written over the years.

Please use these to help others or help yourself. Not one more person ever needs to die of suicide.

Suicide Prevention

Thinking About Suicide

Suicide Threats

Suicide Attempts

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  1. But is all the pain worth those short “happy” times? 30 days of pain, anger and resentment for a single day of peace? Where does it say that a few days of happiness is worth a life of suffering?

  2. I have struggled with bipolar for as long as i can remember.Years i suffered from it and just want to see what was wrong with me.In my youth i suffered from outrageous bouts of clinical depression.I was sucicidal almost every day.I was maniac and depressed to the point of being able to take care of myself.I was rendered helpless at that point .It was only until i joined the United States NAVY and through as series of traumatic episodes i was able to get the attention i needed so badly.sToday i am fifty years old n still struggling with bipolar illness its jusst no longer ruining my life n every way or destroyed the lives of others who fall in love with me.I now take medication i am doing well and life is taking upon it own color but now i have gained tons of weight and it is killing me softly and killin me slowly.Do u hav any advice on how i deal with the med. n still maintain a certain aura to myself.i am so fat that i am scared to go around family members who are all small n in shape.

  3. For me the possibility is a constant. The promise of relief is what gets me through my days “today is bad but not unbearably bad.” It is a hard way to live but it is all I have.

  4. Wow–thanks for putting all these articles. So often it’s hard to connect the right resources, with the right people, at the right time. I loved the “Why should I continue to fight the pain of depression?”–captured so many of my feelings and gave me some great food for thought! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thank you for compiling this great resource. I will be linking it to my blog, as you are so very right – not another single person needs to take their life…. the ripples suicide leaves never go away.