I’d like to spend some time this World Suicide Prevention Day sharing what I feel are life-saving suicide posts for people that are suicidal and for those who are not. I’ve spent more than a decade writing about suicide, suicide attempts and other mental health-related topics. I’ve covered a lot of ground. These posts have helped save lives over and over. No, this isn’t ego talking, this is the power of words talking. Suicide information does have the power to be life-saving.

So, if you are suicidal or if you need to support someone who might be suicidal, please review these suicide-related posts.

Suicide Posts that Could Save a Life

If you’re feeling suicidal right now, please see my suicide help page for how you can reach out. Your life is worth it.

Please remember that some of these articles may be triggering. Protect yourself first.

General Suicide Information Posts

Suicide Isn’t a Dirty Word — Talking About Suicide — It can seem so scary to talk about suicide. I get this. But it’s important to know how to do it and that doing it can help yourself and others.

The Difference Between Being Suicidal and Wanting to Die — Suicidality isn’t the same thing as wanting to die.

When to Give in and Let Someone Commit Suicide — It’s so hard supporting someone who is chronically suicidal. Is there ever a case where you should let them go?

No Hospitalization After a Suicide Attempt — I’m agog, but many people actually aren’t hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

People Who Attempt Suicide Don’t Want to Die — It’s critical to understand this if you want to understand suicide at all.

Can You Die from Bipolar Disorder? — Some would have you believe that bipolar itself doesn’t kill. I disagree.

About Being Suicidal

What to Do If You Start to Feel Suicidal — Here are some tips on dealing with suicidality early on.

Suicide Self-Assessment Scale — How Suicidal Are You? — This is one of the most-referred-to posts here at the Bipolar Burble. People search for this information all the time.

How to Tell Someone You’re Feeling Suicidal — This is a two-part article that talks about talking to loved ones about your suicidality. It’s one of the hardest conversations to have but you can do it. Here is part one and part two.

Depression and Flash Flood Suicidality — Suicidality doesn’t have to build up over hours, days or weeks. Sometimes suicidal feelings can hit you like a brick wall you didn’t see coming.

Passive Suicidal Depression — I Wish I Didn’t Wake Up — Again, this is critical to understand if you want to understand what suicide is and what it feels like. There are different types of suicidality and sometimes it feels like praying not to wake up in the morning.

Living with Wanting to Be Dead — How do you live with constant suicidal thoughts?

Suicide — I Want to Die by Accident — This is a real feeling and a real type of suicidality.

Is Something Wrong with You If You Think About Killing Yourself? — People are terrified of their own suicidal thoughts and feelings. This is understandable, but is something really “wrong” with these people?

Suicide touches us all. Read these life-saving suicide-related posts as part of World Suicide Prevention Day to help others or yourself.

Guilt Because of Depression Leading to Suicidal Thoughts — Guilt is a symptom of depression, but can this symptom actually lead to suicidal thoughts? I think so.

I’m More Accident-Prone When I’m Suicidal — This is really true. Part of suicidality may be simply not taking care of your own safety.

I’m a Coward for Not Killing Myself? — This is something people really think. Learn about feeling like a coward for not dying and what you can do about it.

Are You Still Suicidal — What happens when your suicidality just keeps going on and on?

Suicide Attempt Articles

What to Do If You’ve Just Attempted Suicide — I hope this isn’t you. I hope this is never you. But if you have just attempted suicide, you need to know this.

To the Mentally Ill Who Attempt Suicide — If you have attempted suicide, this one is for you.

I Want to Attempt Suicide and Not Die — This is a real phenomenon. I have felt this way and so many others do too.

Why Aren’t Bipolars Asking for Help Before a Suicide Attempt? — This isn’t just about bipolar, of course, this is about anyone seriously considering suicide. So many of these people seek out healthcare and yet don’t actually get mental health help.

My Suicide Attempt Story — This is about my personal suicide attempt.

The Mentally Ill Who Attempt Suicide Are Second-Class Patients — Unfortunately, getting help after a suicide attempt can be hard and more unpleasant than it needs to be thanks to the bias that often exists in medicine.

Living with the Shame of a Suicide Attempt — Attempting suicide can make you feel such shame and guilt. Learn how to deal with these feelings.

Healing After a Suicide Attempt — You can heal after you have attempted suicide.

Suicide Prevention Articles

No Amount of Pain Can Kill You — Power Over Suicide — It can seem like the pain of severe illness is killing you and it can seem like acting on suicidal feelings is beyond your control. Remember though, you still have power.

Why Should I Continue to Fight the Pain of Depression? — It can feel impossible to fight depression pain and this is what leads to suicide — this hopelessness. But here is why you should keep fighting depression.

I’m Too Tired to Keep Fighting Bipolar Disorder — This is an extremely well-read article. So many people feel like it’s the end.

Suicide Warning Signs — Predicting a Suicide Attempt — This pair of articles talks about the signs that can predict a suicide attempt according to science. See article one and article two.

Call, Text a Suicide Hotline Even If You’re Not Suicidal — Did you know you can reach out to a hotline even if you’re not suicidal? Don’t wait for it to be an emergency.

Support — Will You Be Okay Tonight? — One of the best things you can do for a person who may be suicidal is to ask them if they’ll be okay. Learn about why and how that feels.