Do you wonder how a person with bipolar thinks? Cognitive distortions are a big part. If you have bipolar or love someone with bipolar, this webianr is for you.

How do people with bipolar disorder think? Well, we’re not all the same, of course, but the thoughts of people with bipolar disorder do share many commonalities. For example, thoughts in bipolar disorder are commonly rife with cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are, basically, errors in thinking. Every person suffers from cognitive distortions sometimes — consider when you jump to the wrong conclusions without the facts or overgeneralize unfairly based on very limited information — however, people with bipolar disorder suffer more of them, more of the time. How people with bipolar think is driven, partly, by their mental illness.

If you want to know more about how people with bipolar think, how this drives their behaviors, and how to defeat cognitive distortions, then this is the bipolar masterclass for you.

How People with Bipolar Disorder Think Masterclass Topics

Topics for this bipolar masterclass include:

  1. Bipolar disorder mood basics
  2. How people think, in general
  3. How people with bipolar think, specifically
  4. What is a cognitive distortion? Why do they exist?
  5. Typical depression cognitive distortions
  6. Typical manic/hypomanic cognitive distortions
  7. Additional cognitive distortions common in bipolar disorder
  8. How to help people experiencing cognitive distortions — whether it’s you or someone else
  9. Q and A


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