Mental health speaker and bipolar expert Natasha Tracy reveals what living with rapid cycling bipolar is really like in this new webinar.

Rapid cycling in bipolar disorder is defined as having more than three mood episodes per year. That said, some people have moods that only last weeks, some only days and some possibly less than that. And with this mood dysregulation pattern comes special challenges. I call it “mood whiplash” when one mood violently crashes into another and you’re left with an aching brain. Come to this webinar to learn how to quell that pain.

In this online event, I will be discussing the basics of rapid cycling moods and the special considerations needed when dealing with this type of bipolar disorder. I will also be talking about what the science says and treatment options available for rapid cycling. Additionally, I’ll also discuss living through rapid cycles as well as tips on surviving rapid cycling.

Topics Include:

  1. Let’s talk bipolar moods
  2. What is rapid cycling bipolar disorder?
  3. What is ultradian cycling? What is its relationship to mixed moods?
  4. What the science tells us about cycling in bipolar disorder
  5. What is special about rapid cycling bipolar disorder?
  6. What it’s like to live with rapid cycling in bipolar disorder
  7. How to treat rapid cycling in bipolar disorder
  8. Rapid cycling bipolar disorder tips
  9. Q and A

Note: Registrants get access to the recording and slides upon request.

Mental Health Masterclass Details

  • What: Get Real 2: What Rapid Cycling in Bipolar Disorder Is Really Like
  • When: Contact Natasha for on-demand access.
  • How long: 90 minutes
  • How much: $35.00 early bird tickets; $45.00 after that
  • Note: Registrants also get access to the recording and slides upon request.


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