Anger, aggression and rage are linked to bipolar disorder for some. Learn how to handle anger in bipolar in this online masterclass (webinar).

When some people think of bipolar disorder, they think of anger, aggression and rage; and while this isn’t true for everyone, it is true that anger, aggression and rage are related to bipolar disorder in some ways. This isn’t a diagnostic fact, but rather, an experiential one. People with bipolar disorder, themselves, speak of the anger, aggression and rage they sometimes feel. This online masterclass explores the link between bipolar and anger and how to manage these feelings.

Masterclass: Anger, Aggression and Rage in Bipolar Disorder — Get Real 8

The link between bipolar disorder and anger is not one noted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) but it is one studied scientifically. While not everyone with bipolar disorder will experience undue anger, some will and this masterclass is about discussing the links between bipolar disorder and rage and teaching people how to deal with this situation, whether you’re the one with bipolar disorder or a loved one.

Anger Aggression and Rage in Bipolar Disorder Topics

  • What are anger, aggression and rage?
  • What is the relationship between bipolar and anger, aggression and rage?
  • The relationships between bipolar moods and anger, aggression and rage
  • What’s behind anger?
  • Are there any benefits to anger?
  • A new perspective on anger
  • How to deal with anger, aggression and rage in others
  • How to deal with anger, aggression and rage in yourself
  • Treatments that can help with bipolar anger, aggression and rage
  • More help for anger, aggression and rage
  • Q and A

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