Suicide, suicide awareness and suicide prevention are big topics on the Bipolar Burble so I decided I needed to do at least a couple of masterclasses on suicide. This online masterclass, Get Real 5: Suicide Prevention — Tips from a Suicide Survivor, is part of the Get Real series that prides itself on real talk on difficult subjects. (The online masterclasses in this series can be taken in any order.) In this case, it’s real talk about suicide, which is one of the scariest subjects we face as it’s attached to death. I know this. But it’s critical to know the facts about suicide if you are to face it successfully. None of us has to die of suicide.

Get Real 5 Masterclass on Preventing Suicide

Almost 50,000 Americans died of suicide in 2018 and suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds. Suicide can be one serious and scary conversation.

Let this masterclass take the fear out of the conversation with fact, experience and research. This online masterclass explores the reality of suicide and its connection to mental illness from warning signs, to possible causes, to how to prevent a suicide, to what an attempt feels like, to what to do after an attempt. This masterclass works to educate about this important topic and its overall goal is prevention and hope.

If you’re concerned about suicide in your own life or in the life of a person you love, or if you’re an advocate, this masterclass is for you.

Suicide Prevention Masterclass Topics

Topics for this mental health webinar include:

  • How to talk about suicide the right way
  • Suicide facts and statistics – the basics
  • Why do people attempt/die of suicide?
  • The link between suicide and mental illness
  • Suicide warning signs
  • What to do if you see suicide warning signs in a loved one or in yourself
  • When is it time to contact professional help?
  • What kind of professional help should you contact?
  • What a suicide attempt feels like
  • Hope after a suicide attempt
  • Q and A


Mental Health Masterclass Details

The next session for Get Real 5: Suicide Prevention — Tips from a Suicide Survivor is:

  • What: Online masterclass: Get Real 5: Suicide Prevention — Tips from a Suicide Survivor
  • On-demand access: Contact Natasha for on-demand access.
  • How long: 90 minutes
  • How much: $35.00 early bird tickets; $45.00 after that


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