Natasha Tracy is now offering free mental health mini-webinars. Learn about bipolar, depression and other topics through free, live webinars.

Offering mental health webinars through my site is something new for me. I have done many live speaking events and, in fact, I’ve been hired by companies to do online webinars too. However, offering them directly to my audience is new. So I thought what I should do is offer some mental health mini-webinars for free to give you an idea of what these will be like.

Natasha Tracy’s Webinars and Free Mental Health Mini-Webinars

My regular webinars will be 90 minutes and priced at $30 (early bird) and $37.50 (regular). You can find more about these full mental health webinars here. These aim to offer in-depth information about the subjects you care about.

As for my mini-webinars, they will be a maximum of 30 minutes long and be absolutely free. There will be a short amount of time set aside at the end of each for a question-and-answer session.

Note that you must register ahead of time for these free mental health mini-webinars.

My currently-available, free mini-webinars are:

  1. Are People Born with Bipolar Disorder? — This mini-webinar will talk about the latest knowledge on whether someone can be born with bipolar disorder along with my own thoughts on it. Not currently scheduled.
  2. Depression and Feeling Dead Inside — I am offering a full webinar on bipolar depression (see below), but for a sip of what it’s like, try this mini-webinar. Feeling dead is something many with depression experience. Not currently scheduled.
  3. Handling the Aftermath of a Suicide Attempt — Dealing with a suicide attempt — whether you’re a loved one or the person who attempted — can be very difficult. I’ll be discussing the issues around there in this mini-webinar. Click here to register through Eventbrite.
  4. Why Do So Many People with Bipolar Disorder Suffer Anxiety? — Anxiety is such a common experience for those with bipolar disorder, but why? Explore why bipolar disorder and anxiety come together. Click here to register through Eventbright.

Full Mental Health Webinars Now Available

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Many more mental health webinars are in the pipeline now.

If you have a specific idea for a talk you’d like to see, or you have any questions, just let me know.