Natasha Tracy has done many mental health speaking events but most of them have been for companies or at big conferences. These events are amazing, but unfortunately, most Bipolar Burble readers either can’t attend by the nature of the event or can’t afford to attend due to the high price tag. Natasha has decided there’s a better way to reach out to the community and mental health webinars might just be it.

Natasha Tracy’s Mental Health Speaking Events

So, after many requests, I’ve decided to put out a number of online events for my audience. These live events are specifically for those desiring more in-depth information on bipolar disorder and mental illness and would like a different delivery structure. These events will be hosted via Zoom and will always include a question and answers portion so you can get what you need from every session. Any resources talked about during the session will be sent after the event ends.

Note that every mental health webinar will have early-bird pricing initially and then tickets will be full price. There is also an opportunity to sponsor another attendee if you wish. When sponsorship donations are made, free tickets will be given out to those in need.

Online Mental Health Masterclasses

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I’m also offering some FREE online mini-webinars. Learn more about these here.

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Many more mental health webinars are in the pipeline now.

If you have a specific idea for a talk you’d like to see, or you have any questions, just let me know.