Sex is a taboo subject for some people. Bipolar disorder is even a taboo topic for some people. So, you put the two together and it’s no wonder that few people actually discuss sex and bipolar disorder. But this is a shame because bipolar disorder can drastically affect a person’s sex life. This online masterclass goes over the impacts of bipolar disorder on sex and how to handle them.

Masterclass: Let’s Talk About Sex and Bipolar Disorder — Get Real 11

Sex is a taboo subject for many of us. We barely want to talk about it with those we love, let alone our doctor – a virtual stranger. And there’s a good chance that if you have bipolar disorder, your doctor has never talked to you about the sexual ramifications. This masterclass is an opportunity to correct that oversight.

When you leave this masterclass, you’ll be able to identify how bipolar disorder and bipolar mood episodes impact sex, how bipolar medications impact sex and what to do if you’re finding that your sex life isn’t everything you want because of bipolar disorder. This masterclass is for an honest and open talk about bipolar disorder and sex — let’s get real.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about sex and bipolar disorder, this masterclass is for you.

Sex and Bipolar Disorder Masterclass Topics

  • Sex, sexuality and bipolar words to know
  • How depression in bipolar impacts a sex life
  • How mania or hypomania impacts a sex life
  • How anxiety can impact a sex life
  • How sex can impact your overall health
  • How bipolar medication impacts sex
  • How to talk to your doctor about bipolar disorder and sex
  • What to do if you’re not satisfied with your sex life because of bipolar disorder
  • What to try if medications are impacting your sex life
  • Q and A

Mental Health Masterclass Details

This masterclass is 90 minutes long and will be delivered over Zoom. You can attend via your phone or computer A recording of the event and slides are available to registrants upon request. The next session for the Get Real 11: Let’s Talk About Sex and Bipolar Disorder online masterclass is as follows:


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